Dearest Patrons,

All aboard!

Carlos’s pictures are an exploration into the dark caverns of the psyche. 

With line and tone as our vessel, we can make light and fun of even the most treacherous corners of Carlos’s mind-caves.

Humor and caricature as beacon, we voyage into the mysterious den of Mortality, walking the thin line between sanity and insanity in our constant struggle to laugh along with the cosmic joke that is Existence.

It’s not so funny, we’ll have a ways to travel through the dark waters to find the humor, but the oars of Narrative will be of great assistance in navigating these spiraling currents.

We’ll meet many characters along the way;

they may seem frighteningly disconnected, physically or mentally deformed.

But do not be put off. 

These characters are here to help us along our journey. Please be polite.

Laugh at their jokes, even if they are not funny. 

Good luck always. 

Carlos Rodriguez

San Francisco, California 2016